Die Anfängerin

feature source music ZDF/cinema 2018
director: Alexandra Sell
featuring Cassis' ice skating music

  • Somewhere Over
  • Garcar


5 part TV doc series RBB/ARTE 2016
director: Katja Esson
young audience award for BEST DOCUMENTARY at the German Nature Film Festival!


art film 2016
director: Ivalo Frank

The Next Great American Game

documentary 2015
director: Douglas Morse

  • Endless Land
  • Wind Vac
  • Dancing Cellophane


short fiction 2014
director: Anja Muhrmann

  • Transparent Play
  • Sunny Set
  • Reel


documentary ZDF/cinema 2013
director: Sandra Kaudelka
premiere at the Berlin Filmfestival

Ameisen gehen andere Wege

feature ZDF/cinema 2011
director: Catharina Deus
winner of the Biber/Biberach Filmfestival


short fiction 2008
director: Melvin Estrella

Living Lightly

short doc 2007
director: Robin Burke
producer: John Caulkins, Leslie Hills (Thomas Riedelsheimer)
Cassis Birgit Staudt's music takes the dancing rhythms of the scythe and works with them to produce art.

Die Boxerin/About A Girl

feature ZDF/cinema 2006

director: Catharina Deus
Independence Award, Best Film/Filmfest Oldenburg

Rio de Janeiro: Femina/International Women’s Film Festival, Best Student Feature Film

Ferry Tales

short doc Cinemax 2003
director: Katja Esson
Oscar nominated in 2004

Vertical Traveler

documentary PBS 2002
director: Katja Esson

  • Gravity | Get Me High